31 August 2011

cup (excerpt from my autobiography)

I have a plastic cup that I always use that has small cracks in the bottom that let out small amounts of water.

There are three hairline cracks radiating from the center.

One crack cuts through the e in 'made in china'.

At first it let out one or two drops an hour. Lately it has been dripping more.

I drink things faster now.

It seems like it lets out too much water to be used as a cup anymore, but I don't want to stop using it.

It has sentimental value or something. I am comfortable with it.

It seems like it would be more 'worth it' to just keep the cup with its overt flaws, than to throw it away and find another one that matches or exceeds its meaning and level of familiarity in my life.

Some days I wish it would just completely break in half, dramatically as I'm drinking from it, forcing me to move on and stop using it.

So that I'm not the bad guy.

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